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stomach burning/gastritis

Re: stomach burning/gastritis

by Cynthia Woodward -
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I, too, have this issue.  It started two years ago.  It feels like I have a rubber band tightened around my upper ribcage from my stomach to my back. 

Have you found a particular emotion connected with this area of the body?  

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Re: stomach burning/gastritis

by Kathleen Magyar-Lutte -


Just joined and saw your post. Wondered how you were doing. Has your tightness around your rib cage from gastritis resolved ? I too have the same symptom and it is very painful. I am aware of this being TMS but it it is holding on with a vengeance. If anyone in this community has any tips for me,I would greatly appreciate it as I have been suffering for over two years. Diet modification does not seem to hep. Thanks.