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The Reign of Pain

The Reign of Pain

by Tim Hutton -
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Last week I received an email which showed a short (25 min) video of a recent presented by Dr. Howard Schubiner at Michigan State University called “The Reign of Pain.” The video is spectacular!

Because acute TMS and its resolution has had so much impact on my life and therefore the life of my family, I want to share this link with anyone receiving this notice.

The video is amazing and the content could be seen as impossible, yet because of my own experience and gratitude for the information and help that led to resolution, I want to make certain that it is seen here.

Because an apparent time crunch seems to collectively haunt our society, let me just point to approx. 5:15 into the presentation. Howard is speaking about a lady named Amanda who after a series of seeing three proficient and respected doctors, finally was compassionately counseled by a highly regarded specialist that it would best serve her to accept that she was likely to live in this pain for the rest of her life; that the source was likely genetic and that she should seriously consider never having children, it caused me to shutter. I could completely relate to her.

I shared this last week on this site, but I am an idiot and particularly so when it comes to these internet technologies etc. and I think I may have posted it on the wrong page. A page that was reserved for members only. Actually, I have figured it out for certain, but would simply like to share the link once more except on this General News and announcement page.

If you have already seen this post, please kindly excuse the inconvenience.

The link to the video is here 

Thank you, 


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Re: The Reign of Pain

by Marion Webster -

Thank you Tim!.....So agree, a MUST SEE. Very moving at the end to meet in the video two of Dr. Schubiner's patients who are now pain free after suffering long term very debilitating severe pain that noone could help. I see this as medicine's new frontier. Thank you Dr. Schubiner for helping so many and moving forward the cause of this important frontier!


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Re: The Reign of Pain

by Tim Hutton -

Thank you for bringing that part out Marion! That was the best part!

The whole way that Dr. Schubiner presented the information, genuinely and with that kind of compassion that stirs us to attention!

As you wrote, when Amber and Kelly came onto the stage at the end after photos of each we're shown engaged in and enjoying their lives, I was just blown away! Amber was shown recently surfing! I always wished I had learned to surf!

I literally watched the whole video while pulled over on the road. I watched with awe, because whether we as individuals are presently in pain or not, the undercurrent of chronic pain has infiltrated the human psyche, is roaming about and creating endless suffering!

It is only undone one individual at a time, but one individual’s breakout is a break-out for all of us! For humanity!

In so many ways collective ignorance of the matter reminds me of the dynamics pointed out in Hans Christian Andersen’s classic, “The Emperor's New Clothes.”

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Re: The Reign of Pain

by Dianna Cunningham -

Tim thank you so much for bringing this video to our attention. The link you provided didn’t work for me but I found another one and watched the video in the middle of the night. I was blown away just like you at Howard’s presentation. So beautifully explained so anyone could understand. Great information!