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Thank you Dr. Schubiner

Thank you Dr. Schubiner

by Shanon Cooper -
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This message is in recognition of Dr. Schubiner's kindness, compassion, and giving of his knowledge and understanding to all of us.  I believe it to be an amazing gift, and I thank you Dr. Schubiner for the time you take and the insight you provide.  I worked extensively in the medical community many years ago, and there are very few physicians that would or could be so genuinely caring - giving their time, energy, and effort.  It's a very difficult task to undertake, and you've committed to it. 

I have printed the email correspondence I had with you and some of your messages you've posted here.  I read them from time to time when I'm struggling.

I hope and pray that God richly blesses you for your efforts and that they are returned many fold to you and your family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Re: Thank you Dr. Schubiner

by Howard Schubiner -

You are so kind, Shannon. I wish the same for everyone on this site: blessings and gratefulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Best, Howard