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MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro

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MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro
by Sarah Colucci - Friday, 27 October 2017, 3:58 PM

I had my follow up appointment with a neurologist yesterday. She reviewed the MRI I had on October 17. She says it's completely normal. 

I've been having dizzy spells since June that come on like rush/adrenaline disorientating feelings. In the midst of having the dizzy spells, I developed benign positional vertigo that happened when I laid down to the right. Coincidentally, the dizzy spells I was also experiencing during the day when in an upright position only happened when turning my head down to the right or holding the phone leaned to the right. 

I naturally assumed that this was the reason I was getting dizzy and everything I had been experiencing was a result of BPPV. Made sense. The panic I felt with the dizziness could have been the result of anxiety over feeling dizzy. Anyways, after I treated the BPPV with the Epley Maneuver, I still got the dizzy rushes every once and while. In the midst of them, I constantly feel off balance. When I turn my head left or right, even while standing, I feel like the world is unsteady. 

So, I went back to have my ears fully tested. I don't have BPPV anymore because there is no nystagmus noted and everything is normal. Now I am more confused than ever. I even got one of those attacks on the way to see the ENT. I had to get off the road. I was actually googling about being dizzy when it happened!

The neurologist said if its not my brain or my ears, it's anxiety. She just wants to rule out complex partial seizures. She says sometimes an aura can feel like a panic attack. I described a rushing sensation to her and she said some people with seizures describe the same thing. When I researched it, most people said it feels like a rushing up of stomach into throat. Mine felt more like a rush of adrenaline.

Now, she wants to send me to have an EEG. I am so scared that this may be seizures. How likely is this? Is BPPV a TMS symptom? what is going on with me??

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Re: MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro
by Howard Schubiner - Thursday, 2 November 2017, 9:24 PM

HI Sarah.

It seems clear to me that you are having dizzy spells due to TMS. This is very, very common and I see this all the time. These are definitely not seizures, as seizures cause a loss of consciousness of some kind. You are clearly not having that.

Your doctor is just trying to "cover all of the bases," which is what doctors tend to do, i.e., do every test available. That can create fear and worry, of course, which tends to lead to increased TMS symptoms, which are due to fear and worry!

Don't let fear and worry overtake you. Treat the dizzy spells as TMS, which is what they are.  You will be fine, because you ARE fine!!

Best, Howard

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Re: MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro
by Sarah Colucci - Friday, 3 November 2017, 6:59 PM

Thanks, Howard. When I got the normal results from the MRI I felt good for a few days but then in the last 4 days, have had minimal sleep because of my kids and because of working late. 

I notice when I get migraines (which I know are also TMS) I get this unstableness throughout my body. It feels like if I move my head around too much I may fall over. This causes me to panic. Visually, everything seems like it's a cartoon, and I am extremely sensitive to light and sound. I got migraines in my younger years but not with this vestibular component of dizziness.

I sat back to think about what this could be from and I have a trip coming up on Friday and I am leaving my children behind for 4 days. I am extremely nervous about this but also scared I'll be dizzy on the trip. I also have been working myself hard to bring in new business because Canadian mortgage rules changed and I may experience a slump in business. I've been working late every night trying to perfect my website, advertise, etc. plus do the work I have. I noticed the off-balance sensation creeping in and today, it's full blown. 

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Re: MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro
by Sarah Colucci - Saturday, 4 November 2017, 3:03 PM
One neurologist also suggested brainstem aura as a sub-type of migraine. I know that Migraines, period are TMS so I must have a lot of work to do!
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Re: MY MRI Results and appointment with neuro
by Dianna Cunningham - Saturday, 4 November 2017, 5:39 PM

Sarah you’re doing great and it’s awesome to have Howard here as a resource. At least your tests come out benign. My tests always come out as some disc or vertebrae or some such crap! It’s so hard to ignore what regular physicians think!

The good news is more and more of my doctors believe that tms can be a factor. Just hearing that can be so fantastic.

You’ll get better. Sometimes tms can really take u for a ride.