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Titrating off meds

Re: Titrating off meds

by Dianna Cunningham -
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Robin you are most welcome and yes its a great idea to take time off from the workbook and just relax.  Just completing the work is stressful and can actually create more symptoms!!  Just like the desire to get off the meds can actually create more stress.

When I did the program I asked myself questions like:  Am I doing it right?  What if it doesn't work?  What about this thought and what about that thought and I literally drove myself completely nuts.  That is why most of us will tell you to relax, take your medication as long as you need it, love yourself completely and do what's right for you.  

There were people on this forum who literally saved my life.  Tim Hutton was one and Dr. Schubiner was another as well as Cheryl B. and Cheryl H.  The gift of this forum is priceless.  I'm alive today because of these folks.

There are always people who care!