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MRI Results - dr. schubiner can you help

MRI Results - dr. schubiner can you help

by Sarah Colucci -
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Hi Dr. Schubiner, 

Can you help? My MRI results of my brain were normal however the MRI noted that inferior poles of several hemispheres are seem at 3mm inferior to the foramen magnum (still within normal limit) without significant crowding around the cervicomedullary junction which is at a mnormal position.

Based on  some research I have done, anything less than 1mm below is almost a benign chairi malformation and must be monitored. The symptoms i have been having are the same as the symptoms of this problem. I am also at the age when they usually start.

Should i be concerned about this MRI? When they say it's not crowded does that mean the 3mm is ok?

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Re: MRI Results - dr. schubiner can you help

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Sarah.

I can look into that for you.

Can you please send me the full report directly to my email?

Best, Howard