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Dizziness that's positional

Dizziness that's positional

by Sarah Colucci -
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Dr. Schubiner, 

I noticed you had offered to look at someone else's results, so I wanted to run something by you.

I get positional dizziness, but they can't figure out what it is. It's not BPPV because I am negative on testing. I had a full work up on my ears including using the frenzle goggles and VENG. One ENT and one neurologist said it sounded like vestibulopathy which is a migraine associated vertigo. 

I don't understand what can be causing dizziness that is only positional but has nothing to do with the crystals? I fear there is an acoustic neuroma that the CT scan is not picking up and as I haven't had an MRI. One ear always feels weird, and full and I have now just developed tinnitus. 

I am scared to drive or be alone with my kids. Would TMS cause a positional type of dizziness?

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Re: Dizziness that's positional

by Howard Schubiner -
Yes, TMS can definitely cause positional vertigo. TMS causes positional back pain all the time!
If you are worried that you have a brain tumor, you will likely get worse over time as you are further activating the danger/alarm mechanism.

Therefore, it's important to know that you're OK, there is nothing wrong, and that you're going to be fine. This will further allow you to separate from the symptoms and focus on your life.

Does that help?
Best, Howard
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Re: Dizziness that's positional

by Sarah Colucci -

Yes. I went to get an exam yesterday and was told the pressure in my eye was only 7. I am 33 and healthy. Can TMS cause low eye pressure? 

I just don't get it.