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Nerve pain

Nerve pain

by Robin Voris -
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I have nerve pain w no apparent cause though I’d been told by two rheumatologists that I had neck and Lowe back problems. I don’t know how that could cause pins and needles all over. I had my mris done a year ago at the beginning of symptoms but the originals show normal signs of aging. I have been going on with life and doing whatever exercises make me happy. I socialize a lot and knit and read etc. I meditate. I journal. I have seen some improvement but when I have a flare it is nearly unbearable. I manage, sometimes even make up a song w positive lyrics in it. But nights like last night when it comes on so strong it is hard to be brave. I have tinnitus in my left ear as well. It screams at me too! Why are there such bad days if I’m doing the work. Is it so up and down? I am on Lyrica and want to come off of it but every time I have a flare that goal seems elusive. Is this normal to have spikes during the program? It seems to be working very slowly for me. I have learned to control the things and the muscle spasms but the other symptom is out of this world.

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Re: Nerve pain

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for writing and for doing this work and for being so brave!

You are absolutely correct that those issues that they are "seeing" on your MRIs could not cause widespread symptoms such as you have. So, you really need to banish those worries from your mind. Sometimes, this advice (when followed) makes all the difference in the world because you can then really relax knowing for 100% that there is absolutely nothing wrong!!

That being said, it is very common for the brain to create flares and ups and downs. It's just what it does and it can seem very random and be very discouraging. However, the most important thing you can do is to not worry or get discouraged even if you get episodes of severe pain. That doesn't change the issue, which is still this: It's your brain doing this and nothing more; you're going to be fine; but you can't worry about it and you can't fret when things get worse for a while.


Does that help?

Best, Howard