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sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

by Renee Tyler -
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Thank you for your reply Dr Schubiner.

I have mixed feelings. My chiropractor has cracked or clicked me back into place a few times and the pain stops, however I lift something heavy 2 to 4 weeks later and the pain starts up again. I fee l like the ligaments are too loose, my chiropractor says that I am like rubber, extremely flexible and I need to build up the supporting muscles. On the otherhand I worry that maybe everything is more stretched because he has clicked me back into place a few times over the last two months.

I question the timing of this all. Why do I sabotage myself by picking up something to heavy for myself when I start to feel no pain. And as you have suggested I have had TMS. Thanks to doing your program I have overcome IC and vulvodynia. I am now struggling with these back problems and anxiety. I have just downloaded your book on anxiety and depression and will concentrate on that. After getting better for awhile I stopped meditating and journaling and really feel that I have to start doing that again as I feel that has helped me the most with all my problems.