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sacroiliac joint dysfunction

sacroiliac joint dysfunction

by Renee Tyler -
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Can sacroiliac joint dysfunction be treated as a MBS? I have been having a lot of pain this year. It often gets fixated, is also hypermobile. This of course increases my anxiety. Would appreciate any advice.

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Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Rochelle.

I am very dubious of claims that the SI joint is the cause of much pain. It is a very small joint, kind of like the connection between our ribs and sternum (breastbone), so not much really goes on there, in my opinion.

Many doctors and physical therapists have focused on this joint to explain mind body pain and too much of this advice is not really helpful in my opinion.

If you have a history of TMS and you look closely at when this occurs, you will probably find that the problem is TMS, not an SI joint dysfunction!!

Does that help?

Best, Howard

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Re: sacroiliac joint dysfunction

by Renee Tyler -

Thank you for your reply Dr Schubiner.

I have mixed feelings. My chiropractor has cracked or clicked me back into place a few times and the pain stops, however I lift something heavy 2 to 4 weeks later and the pain starts up again. I fee l like the ligaments are too loose, my chiropractor says that I am like rubber, extremely flexible and I need to build up the supporting muscles. On the otherhand I worry that maybe everything is more stretched because he has clicked me back into place a few times over the last two months.

I question the timing of this all. Why do I sabotage myself by picking up something to heavy for myself when I start to feel no pain. And as you have suggested I have had TMS. Thanks to doing your program I have overcome IC and vulvodynia. I am now struggling with these back problems and anxiety. I have just downloaded your book on anxiety and depression and will concentrate on that. After getting better for awhile I stopped meditating and journaling and really feel that I have to start doing that again as I feel that has helped me the most with all my problems.