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Vertigo is back again

Re: Vertigo is back again

by shweta ahuja -
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I may be writing out of place here since it may not be related to vertigo or other stuff but I have some similar weird symptoms.

In march after an international travel, I came back with cold, sinus, allergy. Took a month for all that to recover but I was left with ear fullness and blockage. I used to feel like I am under water. I saw an ENT and he said, there is nothing to worry just mild inflammation residual from the cold. It took me almost 3 months since March to accept its TMS and as soon as I did, almost 90% of the symptoms were gone.

Suddenly two days back I had allergy and cold symptoms again, I started zyrtec, my cold symptoms are under control but my ears have the same troubling sensation, where I feel full and under water. I feel dizzy too. I am constantly thinking is it from having zyrtec, is it from inflammation due to my cold, or is it just TMS?

See how tricky it can be. I need some words of encouragement and reminders.

Thanks, Shweta