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Vertigo is back again

Vertigo is back again

by Sarah Colucci -
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I was diagnosed with BPPV (positional vertigo due to lose calcium crystals in the ear). I developed this during a highly stressful period in my life - postpartum, self-employed, and cutting off my mother for 9 months. 

It went away and I was left with a constant dizzy sensation 24/7. I was just getting better from the dizziness as I was working through Part 2 of this program. I was driving today and I felt that all too familiar sensation of dread come over me. It's back again. The dizziness is back!!!

Why is this happening to me?

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Cheryl H -

Dear Sarah, 

Wow, I can certainly relate to that question "what is happening to me?"

I just keep getting worse and worse with no medical explanation! 

My stomach aches are unbearable. I've explored and confronted all my emotions. I talk to a tms therapist, meditate and practice loving yeah, what the HELL is happening to me?

 I know this probably isn't helpful to you but you're not the only one absolutely not the only one . Sending a hug and holding your hand....


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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Sarah Colucci -

Thanks, Cheryl. Every professional i talk to say that most people go back to normal after the Epley. Yet, I have felt constant dizziness after my true spinning subsided.

I was just starting to feel better - I don't get it! Dr. Schubner, why do you think BPPV/vertigo is back? I was just working on Part 2 over the weekend while in the midst of a migraine. I immediately felt better after "killing" my uncle over something he did while I was a child. I immediately felt a wave of dissipation of my headache and felt great the rest of the day without Advil. The dizziness also faded.

Yesterday evening, I tackled another issue - My stepmother ostracizing me as a child. A headache came back when I went to bed and it was bad! I had to take an Advil. I woke up this morning and tackled another issue - my stepmother always commenting on what my child eats! And driving, I had a sense of dread - not spinning, but like something wasn't quite right. A panicky feeling like I used to get during the BPPV attacks. I came home and did the Epley, and although I didn't truly spin, I felt dizzy and clammy while trying to do the Epley. 

Are these issues really doing this? It's so hard to believe this can all me TMS! But of the criteria, you have outlined as well as personality traits fit so perfectly with me. 

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Saoirse C. -

Gosh Sarah I feel for you, I am just coming out of vertigo same type but I know say no its no BPPV but TMS Vertigo and I reframe it in my mind. I know its TMS as this is all tieing in with other tms symptoms and massive prolonged stress in my life. Hold in there and believe its your mind doing this to make you focus on the symptoms and not the other yuckey emotional, stressful and painful feeling inside. I have been excluded by 4 of my 5 siblings some total no contact including their families my beloved nieces. This came at a time when my Mother died over so little its fighting. And that Sarah I think is the kicker " frightened " fear once again takes pole position and TMS strikes again. Don't let it fool you I posted on the forum and spoke to Dr Schuibner and was totally convinced the real symptoms were TMS induced. Did my self talk and believed and two days later I started to reduce the 6 tabs a day. Now a week later I am on 1 tab as I am still dizzy at times and dont want to fall in work so take it going in. But I am determined to not let it take hold and pass itself off as a real NEW health problem I have. In the Highlands of Scotland where I was born there was a saying 
"you gotta be rock bottom on the valley floor to appreciate the glory of standing on top of the mountain" nothing is forever after the dark is the dawn. Keep being strong and keep practicing TMS daily . Hugs xxx

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Sarah Colucci -


Today I did another exercise and when the time came to pick up my daughter from school the waves of dizziness started. (The fear of being a mother when I didn't really have one). Mother emotionally abandoned me and father was gone.

Anyways, I literally said to my brain, I know what you are doing and I won't stand for it. I am fine this is all fear. I also worked through a couple of exercises that were extremely powerful and I had no idea how upset I had been over something that happened 12 years ago. 

I actually spent the last couple of hours feeling great! Feeling like somewhat of myself again!

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Sarah and everyone.

Even for me, it can be hard to really "get" how powerful our brains are. The feelings that we have of TMS are so real, because they are real. It's just that our brain can cause (and frequently do cause) strong, real symptoms.

One of the hallmarks of TMS are symptoms that tend to come and go. When that happens as we've seen with Sarah, you can be sure that it's TMS. The pain of a broken arm or damaged nerve doesn't come and go!

So, the dizziness and vertigo that has come and gone and come back again is clearly TMS. No one should be surprised or upset when TMS symptoms come back. We should expect it, as the brain usually takes some time to turn them off. But the neural pathways in the brain are learned and not forgotten, so it's common for them to be re-activated. And we usually don't know exactly what reactivated them. Don't work too hard to try to figure that out. Often, it's just the brain doing it's TMS thing.

It happens to all of us, including me!!

Just limit fear, know that it's TMS, work on the usual exercises to calm the brain and things will get better.

Best, Howard

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by shweta ahuja -

I may be writing out of place here since it may not be related to vertigo or other stuff but I have some similar weird symptoms.

In march after an international travel, I came back with cold, sinus, allergy. Took a month for all that to recover but I was left with ear fullness and blockage. I used to feel like I am under water. I saw an ENT and he said, there is nothing to worry just mild inflammation residual from the cold. It took me almost 3 months since March to accept its TMS and as soon as I did, almost 90% of the symptoms were gone.

Suddenly two days back I had allergy and cold symptoms again, I started zyrtec, my cold symptoms are under control but my ears have the same troubling sensation, where I feel full and under water. I feel dizzy too. I am constantly thinking is it from having zyrtec, is it from inflammation due to my cold, or is it just TMS?

See how tricky it can be. I need some words of encouragement and reminders.

Thanks, Shweta

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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Lisa P -
I am suffering from the same thing now for 6 months. Mri is fine and everything else is okay. Doctors said it’s vestibular disequilibrium. I deal with panic attacks and anxiety attacks. What is TMS exercises? I’m trying to be positive and hopeful. I want to believe this can be alleviated and there can be better days? Thank you in advance for responding to my question. Please share if anything has help you.
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Re: Vertigo is back again

by Sarah Colucci -

Hi Lisa, 

What are your symptoms? I have gone to sooo many doctors and specialists. I have had full vestibular testing conducted with an audiologist who is considered the best in the business. His conclusion was migraines... there's no evidence of anything being related to the ear. I recently found out I have a retracted eardrum which could be causing some disequilibrium but can't account for most of my other symptoms. 

This all sprung up on me while I was going through a very stressful time with work. I was also about 6 months postpartum and found the responsibilities of work and caring for my children almost too much to bear. Then I was hit with chronic dizziness after an upper respiratory cold which also happened around the same time. 

I feel there is a link between my symptoms and my stress level. I have started journaling and practicing meditation... what are you doing currently?