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Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

by Sarah Colucci -
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I've suffered from general anxiety and panic attacks my entire life. Both my parents divorced early in life and I was always exposed to a highly stressed environment .

I developed my first bought of vertigo 7 years ago after being in an extremely stressful situation and it subsided within two weeks. Since then, though, I get these dizzy episodes where it feels like i am moving when I am not (like a swaying/rocking sensation). They were always short events.

After my second child, the stress mounted - self employed, long hours, no maternity leave, first child started school. I constantly complained the world was on my shoulders and then it was - got positional vertigo. It was cured with the Epley Maneuver which I have gone back to check over and over again and I'm negative for BPPV. Since then though the anxiety has run rampant - what caused this? The fact that there are no answers is causing my GAD around health anxiety to run rampant!!

I feel off balance all day with dizzy spells that feel like BPPV which are not. I am scared to drive because I fear I may "spin out" at any moment. I feel like I'm swaying all day. 

I took a flight to a vacation resort and was scared I would have extreme vertigo when I got there. The night I got there I felt like I was rocking/bobbing when I slept. The vacation made the symptoms subside by 90% but then one day, my mother in law who was on vacation with us, mentioned her friend had "debilating vertigo" and I have the rocking sensation and constant swaying sensation at night now when I sleep. It keeps me up at night.

I have been to an ENT who is stumped - hearing test was normal 3x. Neurologist says it's migraine vertigo because I get a lot of headaches.

Is the brain this powerful?

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Re: Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

by Howard Schubiner -

Yes, the brain can do that. In fact, this is a common symptom of TMS and I see it frequently. I just saw a woman with this and she was able to dramatically reduce her symptoms, just as you did when on vacation.

You can take control over this symptom! It is definitely TMS!

Best, Howard

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Re: Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

by Saoirse C. -

Hi Srah

I am so sorry for all the trouble you are experiencing, I too suffer from GAD General anxiety and have had many panic attacks.One month ago I woke up with severe Vertigo and thought I was losing my mind you can check out my post on the forum. I 100% believe it is TMS and yes my anxiety took flight with it missing no opportunity to seize a golden chance fear. I believe your anxiety has been heightened by what is the bedrock of all anxiety FEAR and when you get an attack of vertigo it is very scary and disorientating. It is the fear of feeling a littl3e dizzy becoming very dizzy and the fear of falling, the fear it wont go away, the fear it will strike when you least want it. There is no reason why with any TMS that we can logically figure out all the time sometimes the cause is deep in our subconscious and the where for all very hidden, organic and deep seated. This I feel is the insidiousness of TMS it knows all our soft spots and it is us in a way . I try to just observe and let the fear go I try to laugh at the symptoms regardless of IBS, Teeth grinding, frequent urination, pain, anxiety that's just some of mine; I spend a lot of time laughing to myself. Keep your Chin up Sarah this is a battle of two halves and we have the upper hand because WE CAN BEAT THIS. Hugs from me your not alone xx

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Re: Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

by Sarah Colucci -

Thank you so much for writing to me. 

Six years ago, the first time I ever experienced a vertigo-like sensation, I had spent the couple days before the "big bang" feeling very off balance. I was living alone which was another trigger of my fear and my GAD was sky high. 

Then, it's like my subconscious snapped and I woke up with an extremely intense inner rocking sensation. My family doctor did not think it was labyrinthitis or a result of an inner ear disorder. He asked me if the dizziness felt the world was moving or if I felt like I was moving. I explained that it felt as though I was moving. In fact, riding in the car made the dizziness/rocking feeling go away. So, he chalked it up to extreme anxiety which I did have before it happened.

I was good for 5 years - until 6 months ago. Self-employed, postpartum, cut my mother off and felt like my life was on a Ferris wheel. I felt out of control, especially because I was responsible for all the household duties including my own work. Then, I started getting positional vertigo at work which would trigger anxiety attacks and brain fog. But even before this, two days after my daughter was born, I experienced anxiety attacks for the first time in 10 years. I couldn't understand why they were back. 

When I get stressed, it seems to always attack my vestibular system. This time, it was legitimately BPPV but why? Can stress cause BPPV? Now, I don't have BPPV anymore but I am still constantly dizzy and get adrenaline rushes like I am about to spin. If I am on the computer too long and I turn my head, I feel internal shifts happening which goes in line with Postural Perceptive Dizziness (a psychological disorder). 

Thank you for your kind words. I believe I can train my brain to ignore these signals...and working through the exercises in this program my symptoms wax and wane and play tricks on me and practitioners. Just yesterday, I went to the walk-in clinic and was told my inner ears were infected because I was complaining of ear fullness in my left ear, which has also been present since the BPPV which no one, including an ENT, has had a diagnosis for. The doctor said my Tympanic Membranes were enlarged.

Today, I went to get a second opinion and of course, there is nothing wrong with my ears. I believe now more than ever, it's all TMS. Vertigo is my weak spot. As someone who is scared of having MS (watching my uncle deteriorate because of the disease), when I get something like this I feel I will NEVER recover from it or it is something more. But no one has a solution or even an idea what this is now besides BPPV which the Epley Maneuver keeps confirming I no longer have. 

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Re: Vertigo/Balance disorders and TMS

by David Lis -
I had the same balance issues for the past 10 years. Tons of Doctors couldn’t figure it out. You have anxiety. I’m not even an anxious person.

Then, on a whim, I tried a Gluten Free diet. Bingo!! I was extremely shocked. Symptoms subsided and I’m off medication. Miracle!

Apparently Gluten can cause neurological effects if your sensitive to it. Not many people know that.

Just try it! I felt the difference in days.

I’ve read these forms before because of the problems I had. Now that I discovered what is likely causing it I want to share with everyone else. I feel like I got my life back. Please give it a try. It’s worth a shot.