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Vertigo ....TMS?

Re: Vertigo ....TMS?

by Sarah Colucci -
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I am also going through vertigo. I am an otherwise healthy 32 year old. During a highly stressful time in my life I woke up to disorientation and dizziness. It felt like I was having a stroke.

I also had severe migraines at the time. Later, I developed severe positional vertigo that would happen when I was on the phone (tilting my head) or looking down. I was anxious, depressed and sad.

The BPV was treated but then i just felt a constant 24/7 dizziness (rocking, swaying, earthquake dizzy sensations, etc) Neurologist said I had migraine vertigo. 

I was working through the exercises and feeling better and over the last 3 days have had a migraine and today, my vertigo is back!!

I am so scared, depressed and feel like maybe they are not catching something!