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Re: Doubts

by Barbara Kessler -
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Hi Wendy,

Thanks for reaching out for help. You have a lot of courage in telling us your story. And, that courage will help you in working the "Unlearn Your Pain" program.  It works if you work at it.  And, progress is slow-at least it has been for me. I also had many doubts about trying this approach for healing.  My guilt and shame kept me trapped in a cycle of self loathing and physical pain. I desperately looked for someone or something to fix me; but, I sure couldn't reveal my pain to anyone.

This program allowed me to get to know myself and start healing.  Not quickly, no miracles. just a slow and steady awakening and acceptance of myself.  New problems crop up and then it's back to basics.  Your letter has reminded me to use this program again for my current stomach distress.  So, thanks Wendy.  And know we are here for you.