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Headaches and pain behind eyes.

Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Supriya Jadhav -
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Hello people,

I am just in week one of this course. Have been struggling with constant pain in head and eye on one side. This started after I gave birth to my daughter. I was trying to be perfectionist and overprotective . After trying various treatments came across Tms a year ago. Immediately my pain shifted to my heel. Now i am having pain of medium intensity at both the places.. I tried monte hueftle online course too before this.. But somehow I am not able to break the pain cycle. Low intensity pain is always there. Sometimes it shoots to a level of 8-9. I am trying to find the connection., but how do I break this pain cycle..

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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Supriya and thanks for writing.

You break the pain cycle by knowing for 100% that the pain (all of the pain) is due to neural pathways in the brain. These pathways are fueled by fear; fear of pain, fear of the future, fear of not getting better and fear of any issues in your life.

Turn off the fear by knowing that your are fine physically; that there is absolutely nothing wrong.

Turn off the fear by simply watching the pain as it comes and goes, shifts and moves as this is all controlled by your brain. Observe the pain and watch your anxiety about it. Separate from it by observing without attachment to it or worry about it. As you do this, the pain will shift, increase, decrease, move, and do all sorts of things. Just keeping watching without fear. Keep reminding yourself that you are find and will be fine.

This takes the fuel of fear away.

Let us know if you need help or have other questions.

Best, Howard

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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by leslie fry -


My TMS started the same way.  I wanted to be the perfect mother and have worked myself into a knot.  The fact that you realize it is the first step in letting go.

All the worry I did also transferred to my child.  You must let go.  He or she will be fine, and worry only reduces your ability to be truly helpful when your child does need you.  Over protecting them only makes them uncertain about their abilities and anxious.

I believe that it is our own acceptance of our lack of control over life so we find peace.  Self care is critical  as well.

Trying to break the pain only serves to make it worse.  Accepting it and getting on with life helps so much.  All your worry about your child has suppressed a lot of energy within you.  That energy will come out as pain, or you can do the writing and practicing letting go.

You can do this!


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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Supriya Jadhav -

Thanks Leslie.. I have somehow stopped worrying now.. or even thinking what others think.. which I use to do a lot before.. but my anxiety somehow does not go away. Before I use to worry about newborn, now I worry about my new business. I think it's in my personality to keep worrying about something or other. To get out of my mind and pain thing I started this new venture which is going on pretty well but I can't stop unnecessarily thinking and worrying about future. I just want to get over with everything fast.  Which gets me anxious and pain starts. It's quite tricky how all this has starred. I never remember being this way before..

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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Saoirse C. -

Hi there just saw your post I too have developed headaches and pain behind my right eye and I am sure it is TMS it was great to see your post and realise that these symptoms are out there happening to other people with TMS. Good Luck

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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Jason H -

Hi All.

My name is Jason, and what you've all written here is EXACTLY what I've been going through.  My "baby" that I am a perfectionist over is my business.  I have routine daily headaches (usually when I try to "relax"/evenings) and pain behind my right eye (usually at night culminating in the muscles above my right eye being contracted when I wake up )".  

Anyway, I had used Dr. John Sarno's TMS knowledge many years ago TWICE to beat at that time which was debilitating lower back and later neck pain.  And it 100% worked when everything else did not.

Anyway, I don't know why I thought my headache was something else, when it seems to be TMS clearly just rearing it's ugly head again.  (I am coming to this now after trying so many various things over the last 5 years or so).  It appears that this all stems from Anxiety, which stems from Fear.

Anyway, I'd be curious to know how everyone's journey is going, and if things have gotten any better for you.

Take care,


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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Dianna Cunningham -

Hi Jason! So exciting to hear from a new member. I’ve suffered from back and neck pain for many years and have discovered through this program that my pain is related to anxiety and fear. My pain nearly took my life but somehow I’ve survived. I had to do some counseling to get to the root of my pain. I’m not a perfectionist but I actually want to be one! Which causes me stress. Isn’t that crazy? I’ve probably contributed to this forum a lot because I learn something from all of you. It’s so hard to realize the pain isn’t structural and it’s caused by our brain. I’m sure it’s the same with your headaches and eye pain too. TMS seems to cause pain everywhere and anywhere. 

I was doing really awesome with my pain and then my symptoms did return but I’m happy to just be able to move around and stretch without being super fearful.

Please keep moving forward and working on it. It’s so great to have this forum as a resource.

Happy Holidays!

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Re: Headaches and pain behind eyes.

by Liam Black -

What are your results now? Are you cured? If the symptoms remain or change for the worse, I’m sorry.

Try to trace exactly when you have pain, immediately after waking up? I had neck pain after waking up, a banal thing helped me, changing the mattress, try to look for yourself like this, maybe you will be better.