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TMS trying to trick me while hiking

TMS trying to trick me while hiking

by Lor Prudhomme -
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Yesterday, I went for one of my favorite hikes.  What challenged me was as I reached the part of the Superior Hiking Trail where it was wet and steep rock...all of the sudden I felt like I had no idea where to step or how to proceed up the rocky trail.  I felt almost like I was drugged.  I have hiked here many times and never experienced this feeling.  

I pushed through, taking my time, talking to myself only to have pain in both my wrists as I used my trekking poles.  I knew this part was TMS, I spoke to my mind and pushed though.  It hurt but not bad enough to make me stop.  I told it I knew what was going on.

I made the summit!  On the way down my knees began to hurt, I told my mind, this is TMS,  I know what is going on.  I stopped, looked out on the beautiful view and had tremendous compassion come over me.  That I know what is going on and that I need to keep on keeping on.

I woke this morning and read a few discussions on the site...I believe my feeling I had initially of not knowing where to step or start and feeling drugged in the first steps of the steep part were TMS.

Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.


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Re: TMS trying to trick me while hiking

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for sharing Lor. 

It is absolutely true that our brains create our thoughts. And many of those thoughts are scary, negative, sad, hopeless, and can reflect our uncertainty. This is true of all people; but especially those with MBS. 

So, yes, those scary and uncertain thoughts are MBS, just as the physical symptoms are MBS. Good catch!!

Your hike is a metaphor for the process you are undertaking. It's confusing; there are uncertainties about the path; you will be challenged; and you will find your way. 

Keep writing and keep going. You are moving towards healing. 

Best Howard