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Creating your emotional worksheet

Creating your emotional worksheet

by Saoirse C. -
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Hi Guys

I am just on day 5 and loving the course and its hard as well (emotionally and pain wise) but thats what I'm here for to get better. I am from Ireland so not a lot of TMS advice or even knowledge about it here. 

Can I just check with anyone a few questions 

Do we do the all the work worksheets on week 1 /triggers/not triggers/things you would like to do/emotional work sheet?

Also can anyone give me advice on what kind of thing should go in it, It say " stressors and personality traits" but I am finding it hard to understand as the list gives so many reasons I think I could fill a telephone book . Don't even go there on guilt growing up!! I am an Irish Catholic we invented the concept. 

But how can past events from childhood that were stressful cause present day stressors??

Please add any information you can .



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Re: Creating your emotional worksheet

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi S. and thanks for writing. (Would you mind telling us how to pronounce your name? I love Irish names.)

You are definitely right about irish Catholic guilt! It's a powerful force and one that you will probably need to work on, at least in writing about it.

The reason to list some (but not all) of your childhood stressors is that they tend to set the stage for later emotional reactions. If one gets bit by dogs, one learns to fear dogs. If one feels neglected or blamed or made to feel afraid or guilty as a child, those reactions can occur later in life when stressful events occur. Those are the times when MBS symptoms begin or get worse.

This can help to unmask the symptoms as messages that our brains are giving us, rather than physical injuries. That is part of the path to healing and recovery.

Does that help?

Best, Howard