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Possible Endo Problem - Advice?

Possible Endo Problem - Advice?

by Jannah S. -
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Firstly thank-you for taking time to read this and consider the problem I am experiencing. 

I have thought for a while now that there is a possibility that I have endometriosis. I have had dysmenorrhea from about the age of 16, I have had to call an ambulance before when I have been out because of the level of pain (naprogesic seems to help a lot). My bowels become overly active during menstruation and at other times I find myself not going to the toilet frequently. I also get pain during ovulation. Sometimes the pain travels down my legs and sometimes into my back. I would also consider myself to have a mood disorder, I jump from relatively happy to anxious to depressed to irritable and back again and I feel that what I eat really affects my moods (particularly protein and fats). I have tried so many things to overcome this difficulty - diet (many!), naturopath (many!), exercise (different types), meditation, spirituality, religion, medication, Mind Body work, doctors (perhaps I haven't done one of these as thoroughly enough as I need to). I am 29 now so have been on this path for a while (since 16). I have had an ultrasound a while back but I am now considering laparoscopic surgery, as this is the only real way to determine if endometriosis is there. I feel as if my whole life revolves around my cycle and I have spent so much time and money looking for answers. I also find my bouts of depression to be relatively frequent, enough to impact on my daily life and my interactions with others, I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not being my best self (especially towards my ageing parents). 

Any thoughts or advice? I believe in the power of soothing and positive thinking - I know that sometimes it can all get so overwhelming I let it get the best of me but I don't like feeling like a victim I know that I can overcome this. 

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Possible Endo Problem - Advice?

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Jannah and thanks for writing.

Many of the things you mentioned sound very much like MBS. Endometriosis would not be able to cause all of those symptoms, so even if you have some amount of endometriosis, there is likely some mind body issues as well.

That being said, having the laparoscopy will help to define that more clearly for you, i.e., if it's negative, you can rule out endometriosis. One note of caution is that many women have evidence on a laparoscopic exam, and yet have no symptoms at all. If you do have some evidence of it, that may not explain your symptoms (or certainly all of them) anyway. If you have very large amounts of endometriosis, then that can be treated.

Does this help?

Let me know if you have other questions.

Best, Howard