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by Daisy Gray -
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I have been suffering from Intersistial Cystitis for over 6 months now. It began during a really stressful time in my life, which helps me further believe it's TMS. I can also tell anxiety makes it worse, which again leads me to believe it's TMS. I'm struggling to deal with my fear and to 100% believe this is TMS, which I know is necessary to heal. Sometimes I feel like I have more anxiety over having IC forever than just the pain associated, as it has limited what I can/can't eat, as well as my sex life (sorry tmi). I was hoping people had suggestions on how they cope with the fear and get themselves to 100% believe it's TMS.

Thank you!

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Re: Fear

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Daisy and thanks for writing.

We see this problem all the time. There are many problems with the diagnosis of IC.

One is the name, it is not a cystitis, i.e., not an infection or an inflammation. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the bladder. It is pelvic pain due to TMS, period! Foods trigger pelvic pain due to conditioned responses, i.e., the brain interprets certain foods as "dangerous" even though they are not! That is what causes the pain, in other words, the cause of pain is fear of certain foods.

This bring us to fear, which is the underlying cause of this kind of bladder/pelvic pain. To reduce fear, know that IC is really TMS. This is important and I can assure you it is. If you want to talk to me on the phone, I'd be happy to do that. Second, know that this is just another form of TMS and that you will get through this. Be strong and ramp down the worry when pain occurs; it can't hurt you or harm you. As you disengage from worry, your pain will be reduced. Use the affirmations to reassure yourself and breathe to calm the brain. Face fear, talk to it, write about it, and love your self as much as you can. There is a whole section on fear in the new version of my books.

Gradually, you will reduce fear and you will get better.

Let me know how I can help.

Best, Howard