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Pain that doesn't move or change much

Pain that doesn't move or change much

by Janet Burgoon -
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I know that we've been warned about starting to doubt the TMS as a defense tactic by our minds. Hoping to gain some insights. 

I have low back pain with a diagnosis of normal degenerative disc disease (I'm 63). It is sometimes more painful but is always there. If I sit for 20 minutes I have to get up slowly. Getting in and out of a car is slow. It always hurts to bend over. 

I've started my sports activities again but sometimes am in so much discomfort that I can't continue or I need to take a lot of Advil to be able to focus on my golf or tennis.

I have many of the personality traits. Should I reassure myself that it is TMS and keep going with the program? Is it OK to take pain killers to be able to do my activities (I don't like to take them).

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Re: Pain that doesn't move or change much

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Janet and thanks for writing.

I like to have people investigate their symptoms.  Is this new?  When did it start?  What is going on in your life? Did you injure yourself?

Do you find it's always there or does it vary?  Is it worse with activity or not?  Is it worse with some activities, but not with others?

What happens when you ignore it? When your mind is elsewhere?

If there has been no injury and the symptom is simply an achy back, why worry about it so much??  These things get better over time.

Best, Howard