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Frozen Shoulder as TMS?

Frozen Shoulder as TMS?

by lauren brent -
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Hi, I have frozen shoulder and it is the most horrific pain I have ever experienced. I have not slept more than three hours a night in three months.

If this is mind body or TMS, what happens since I cannot move my arm more than three inches? Is it then considered structural?

I am a graduate student in psychology, and have had to put my school off until I am getting regular sleep and minimized the  pain.

I have made lists and journaled but no real relief. This is frustrating since I have used Sarnos's The Mind Body Prescription book in the past with amazingly quick hours!

I was going through depression from empty nest, so it seems like it is related to that grief and anger.



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Re: Frozen Shoulder as TMS?

by charles flachs -

Hi Lauren,

I had a frozen shoulder also and went to a very enlightened PT who set me up with a sliding board that I was to push back and fourth.  I looked at him as if he was crazy, thinking I can barely lift my arm now i supposed to push this board back and fourth? 

Sure enough after about 15- 20 min of that activity I walked out of there without a issue in the shoulder.  I gathered from that experience ( I have had many of the TMS symptoms over the years) that once again it was not a structural issue but a TMS issue and not to be worried or concerned about that.  Of course if you were in a car accident or something I would never suggest this course of action but that was my experience.  Hope it helps.


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Re: Frozen Shoulder as TMS?

by lauren brent -

Hi Charles, thanks for that. It is encouraging !

It is very odd to not be able to use my arm, since I'm left handed and it's my left arm.

It was a spontaneous pain not resulting from any injury or accident. I was , however, mopping my new bamboo floors a lot. I can't imagine that would do it. 

I think the depression from my empty nest issues provided enough rage to trigger pain.