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Introduction + Am I TMS?

Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Abby Vohra -
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You dont need to have "Past trauma" to dig out neither you need to write journal.
I never wrote one.

In that way, because you dont have past issues you are better candidate to heal.

I tried so many medical procedures for 5 years 2012-2016.

I have tremendous past issues. I was born in slum in india and later achieved prosperity by doing super man efforts (read stress).

Hence every person is different.

I feel your case is too much worry about future and "identification with thinking".. Not living in present and always expecting something worse to happen.

This book "Power of Now" will surely help you. I might take this one book to my grave :)

Pls stop visiting doctors and now fully believed its TMS.

Infact dont be cautious in palying piano. Play as much as you can.

I did same thing. I start running, lifting weights and start doing everything what i love to do and Pain is gone.

You can reach me on my personal numbers. Pls do reply me on