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Introduction + Am I TMS?

Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Mireu Seung -
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Hi, I am Mireu, a Korean living in Singapore with my husband and a 7 year-old daughter.

I teach Korean as a freelancer, but haven't been so happy. I was pursuing to become a piano teacher. While preparing for the piano recital exam, I overworked and my little finger started to hurt. I had to give up the exam, and it was devastating. Not only that, my other fingers start to hurt one by one, now it's spread to both hands and wrists. Always tingling, sometimes burning, and each finger take turn and hurt.

Now I'm not even thinking of piano or career, it's so painful and I just want my normal life back. I don't want to lose the other job(teaching Korean) but it's been difficult to maintain work in this pain. All this happened 3 months ago. Doctors couldn't find anything from MRI except some swelling on my little finger, and no doctor, no treatment has helped. Finally the doctor said mere injury should have been cured by now, and prescribed me Lyrica, saying it might be neurological problem. - I chose not to take it. 

Then one day, I came across Dr. Sarno's theory and got convinced I must be TMS. After reading his book, surprisingly, my pain came down from 10 to about 5. But I'm still hovering there, last few days were even worse, sometimes having pain on arms and feet, indigestion, etc. It's so discouraging to be continuously sick. I thought a more organized program might help. There's no TMS doctor in this country or in my culture. - Thank you for setting this program. I really have a hope this time.

I am almost sure I am TMS. My personality trait - worrying and nervous, perfectionist etc -fits too. I just need more assurance and faith in this methodology. Just trying to ignore pain and dig into my psychological problems only can cure - sounds like a big leap. I completely understand my injury is causing fear and stress, wouldn't go away because of that very stress. But need a little more conviction that my psychological problem initiated the pain, not the other way around.

Please help me;

1.Am I a TMS? Can I get better with this program if I try hard?

2.I feel like I'm in a glass wall looking out the normal people living - depression. From what I see, this pain caused my depression, not the other way around. I try to dig up my past and present psychological issues, - I do have a few issues, my mother, family, failure of career... but all seems trivial compared to what I'm going through now. Should I keep working on the past psychological issues?

Thank you for reading.

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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Janine Peachey -

"But need a little more conviction that my psychological problem initiated the pain, not the other way around."

I'm sorry you're suffering. The fact that your pain greatly reduced with reading Sarno is your proof of TMS.

 Regarding your statement above: I am convinced that my psychological issues began with my pain.  I had pain from a structural issue that did get taken care of, but then the TMS took over to keep me in pain.  I got so wrapped up in how I felt and monitored it constantly.  Any amount of pain was cause for concern and anxiety, and it fed itself.  I thought about how I felt from the time I got up til bedtime.  I would even wake up at night and take note of whether I had a headache.  Once I learned what was causing the cycle, my pain greatly reduced.  I am still on the journey.

I went through this course, and appreciated it.  Then I went over to and went through most of the material there.  

I wish you the best in your journey.

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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Abby Vohra -

Hi Mireu

Your symptoms are perfectly all about TMS.

My name is Abby. I am 39 years old male with 2 beautiful daughters and loving wife.

I got healed with my 19 year back pain within 4 weeks after reading Sarno book.

I use to stay in singapore. Presently relaxing in Iskandar (johor bahru malaysia)

Also I had carpel tunnel syndrome (numbing on my whole left palm).. But its all gone.

I am fully healed now.

You can be in touch with me on and I can help you out to get ouy from pain, if you are still in pain..

God bless you abundantly and i hope you are already healed.


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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Mireu Seung -


I followed all the Programmes and managed to get better. 

I even passed the diploma exam and started to teach piano.

There are still good times and bad times though.

Lately, while playing the piano, I sprained one of my fingers. It was a fast and strong tune, but I was playing only about less than 2 hours a day. Are human fingers that weak? Problem is now I don't know whether it's a real injury or TMS any more. My doctor checked, said the joint was stable and doesn't move at all. Within the last 6 weeks, a few of my other fingers started to hurt with weird numb feelings again. Even when we have a 'real' injuries, I hear fingers have to keep moving otherwise they get stiff. I also read a Korean doctor saying CRPS more often happens when patients fear moving or wear splint too Long. So I try to go on with my life, play the piano just about 30 min. a day very mildly...but I am terrified, I don't want to go through all this again when I am starting to have job offers as a pianist and teacher.  I try to keep it together. May I ask how you've recovered? Just wondering what I can do to overcome my anxiety.

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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Abby Vohra -


Its good to know that you are going ahead with your life.

I recovered by reading "Healing back pain" book.

5 years of back pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel and neck pain went away in just 4 weeks.
I have failed spine surgery too when i was 19 years old.

Still I have structural spine damage in MRI but no pain as I know how to heal the pain now.

Other books which help me to eliminate my anxiety and helped me to be joyful is

(1) The power of Now

(2) A new earth.

Also "one thing" which make you fully recover is just believing with whole heart there is nothing wrong with you... There is no structural defects.

Pls understand that your "fearful thinking" is stopping you to play piano for more than 30 minutes.

Its worrying about past and thoughts of bad things happening in future is really killing you.

Be in present. Do meditations. I do 30 minutes meditations, 2 times a day (morning and evening).

Infact It got me financially free at the age of 35 and I am finally contemplating to start TMS healing centres in singapore and malaysia.

You can reach me on my singapore number +65-84334970 (only whatsapp) or malaysia number +6017-6311-569.. I would love to see you fully healed and will be glad if I can help you in any other way.


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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Mireu Seung -

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'll read the book you recommended. I've developed CRPS(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - pain amplifying with unknown cause) last year. I got better, but never 100%. This time when I suddenly felt pain on the joint of one finger, I saw the orthopaedic, he checked my joint and said the ligament is stable, not loosened or anything. Since my pain is steadily on the same joint, it was presumed a minor sprain. It's been 6 weeks since that happened, I'm not any better. Other fingers had acted up too, but they're better today, except the originally injured(?) finger. It could be a real injury, or not. I don't recall getting so easily injured before all this CRPS thing happened. I was never 100% sure about this TMS theory. I do believe my fear and attention to it is feeding the pain, but keep failing at 'how to get out of it' part. Besides I don't have that many psychological trauma to dig out and write journals about. I will start meditations again and strengthen my belief. I remember wishing we had TMS doctors in this country. It will be great if your plan pans out and help many people in chronic pains. Thank you for sharing your contact. I will give myself a few more weeks. Hope it's OK if I talk to you on your personal contact if I need further advice.

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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Abby Vohra -


You dont need to have "Past trauma" to dig out neither you need to write journal.
I never wrote one.

In that way, because you dont have past issues you are better candidate to heal.

I tried so many medical procedures for 5 years 2012-2016.

I have tremendous past issues. I was born in slum in india and later achieved prosperity by doing super man efforts (read stress).

Hence every person is different.

I feel your case is too much worry about future and "identification with thinking".. Not living in present and always expecting something worse to happen.

This book "Power of Now" will surely help you. I might take this one book to my grave :)

Pls stop visiting doctors and now fully believed its TMS.

Infact dont be cautious in palying piano. Play as much as you can.

I did same thing. I start running, lifting weights and start doing everything what i love to do and Pain is gone.

You can reach me on my personal numbers. Pls do reply me on


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Re: Introduction + Am I TMS?

by Abby Vohra -

And yes pls stop showing to doctors as absolutely nothing wrong with you.

This "dependency" on doctors will not let you heal fully as anyway nothing is wrong with you as you have already proved that by doing many medical reports!