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Burning mouth syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome

by Deb Sims -
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Aloha, everyone

Anyone share this MBS malady? I'm just beginning the course & am struggling with identifying triggers, since the pain /symptoms are pretty much constant from waking in a.m. to going to sleep in p.m. Any ideas or do I just skip that section?

Also curious if Dr. Schubiner has treated BMS & any tips for me to help in my journey. I know for certain it is caused by MBS and I have had it for a year, a very long year I might add! Medical & naturopathic directions have all ruled out physical causes. I have exhaustively researched any & all on this subject. Feeling hopefully optimistic with MBS direction since discovering this past month.

Mahalo for any suggestions or related info. 

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Re: Burning mouth syndrome

by Howard Schubiner -

Yes, I have treated burning mouth syndrome several times before and it is clearly due to MBS!  It's amazing that the brain is so capable of producing such a wide variety of symptoms!!

And, yes, please skip the triggers section if it doesn't apply to you.  I try to give lots of tools, but not everyone needs all of them!!

Best, and Aloha to you too.


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Re: Burning mouth syndrome

by leslie fry -

Hi Deb!

I too have Burning tongue.  It's been up and down.  I think it's hard to believe TMS because a burning tongue is so odd.  Seems to be no rhyme or reason.  I like you am trying to continue the work and believe in relief.