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Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by Allison J. -
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I'm a bit overwhelmed with how to proceed each day with this course. I've just finished week 1; I thought I was on a roll, but then I started reading about all the ISDTP stuff and I got a bit overwhelmed. There are lots of lists, lots of writing, lots of techniques...What do I do on each day? I really wish this program came with instructions for each day. Otherwise, the volume of information is just overwhelming.

Anyone having this problem?


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Re: Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by Howard Schubiner -

Unfortunately, this is not the first time I've heard this comment.  I have found that some people do much better with my book than with the online program.  I am hoping to rearrange and clarify the online program soon, but it's not there yet.

If you (or anyone) has trouble with the online program, I will gladly refund the money and replace it with the book, Unlearn Your Pain, which is generally much easier to follow and use.

Best, Howard

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Re: Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by Andrew Williams -

I'm having the same problem.  Although I've had some good insights with the writing aspects, I'm still on week one three weeks in! 

To me, it feels like the workshop course has been scooped up and dumped online.  It would be really helpful to have the course divided into days rather than weeks, with Day1 exercises, Day 2., etc.

The main personality traits for those suffering with TMS are perfectionism, wanting to get things just right and being overly hard on ourselves when things become difficult.  The way the online course is set out plays into all of these traits and I'm finding it actually creating some anxiety.

I really want to beat TMS and can see the value of the course.  Can I therefore take you up on your offer of a book rather than the course please?  I don't want a refund, just the book will do fine so that i can start to move on.

Regards, Andy

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Re: Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by Dolores McSweeney -

Hi, I've been using the book since mid-March and just now finished the work in the first week.

In the book, it says to basically take your own time.  I am glad that I read that because pretty

soon the daily work was substantial.  Since I'm in severe chronic pain 24/7, I had to take my

time otherwise I fall right back into the perfectionism/kill yourself to get the "work" done.  I

call it My Homework and since I'm not in college or working anymore, there are no deadlines!  This mindset has

worked for me but I have to admit that some days I don't get any "homework" done and then

I start feeling guilty.  I tell myself to Knock it Off.  I hope that this helps.


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Re: Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by Beth Elsey -

Thanks for the info comparing book to online course.  I'm doing structured educational course which does have assignments by days which are pretty simple but I still have trouble completing them with all the yard work I've tackled since learning that negative conditioning will continue to limit me if I let it.  I've started mowing my yard and have no more pain than I have sitting around the house!  I'm getting the book!

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Re: Course organization - anyone else overwhelmed?

by amy gorman -

I will second the difficulty I am having in the online course organization,  and will second one of the comments in this forum that I would like you to send me the book, but don't need a refund.

Please confirm

Thank you, Amy