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Constipation as mind body symptom

Re: Constipation as mind body symptom

by Illeana Fernandes -
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Constipation seems to have affected every other person, especially those who are living a hard and fast life in urban areas. It is found that our haphazard lifestyle and food habit are highly responsible for causing this condition. Well, it is not worrisome as you can find the effective and prescribed generic medicine online or offline for treating constipation comfortably. You should understand the anatomy of constipation before taking treatment. The food we consume goes through small as well as the large intestine, and after that, it converts into the stool. Both the intestines absorb nutrients of the food in this process. Constipation typically occurs when this process takes more than normal time and stool does not release through colon smoothly. You often complain about acidity and stomachache in this condition. There are various causes for constipation such as – consumption of narcotic pain medicine, dehydration, lack of physical exercise, lack of essential minerals in the diet, excess consumption of oily and fried items etc. People suffering from constipation need not panic as it can be diagnosed by the medical and home solutions. You can get effective generic medicine online on at your comfort. Here you can order the prescription medicines and get them delivered at your doorstep while keeping your identity confidential.