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by Edgar Luzuriaga -
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Hi evryone and Dr Schubiner I'm from Ecuador I think according the test That I have TMS, I've read Sarno's book but I think I need more deatails and a partiuclar programm to get rid my pain . I spent alot money in my country in test and docotrs , now I'm desesparate , but I can't afford the program , Id like to follow it.

Thank you. 

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Re: Hi

by Cheryl H -

Hi Edgar,

There is a free program similar to Dr. Schubiner's on the TMS wiki webpage

I think you will find this program very helpful and Dr. Schubiner is a member of this site.


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Re: Hi

by Barbara Schreiber -

Thanks Cheryl.  Money is an issue for me too.  I shall go to the website you suggested.  Please ask for favor for me in this endeavor.