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by Howard Schubiner -
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Thanks for writing, Jannah.

My opinion is that the foods you are eating that trigger symptoms are not doing so because they are "inflammatory" but because you are fearful of them and your brain reacts to them with symptoms.  I believe that you have been fooled into thinking that foods cause a macro-inflammation immediately, as opposed to a micro-level of inflammation that may be harmful several years in the future. 

As you work through this program, you will be able to gradually re-introduce even "bad" foods into your diet without reacting to them.  But you will have to fully believe that they won't harm you before you start that process.

Regarding anger and rage, you will learn to express those in safe and healthy ways (when alone or in writing), in order to release those feelings that you may have harbored for many years.

Let us know how we can help.

Best, Howard