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Re: inflammation?

by Seth Wilson -
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Hi Howard,

Sorry for such a delayed response.  I understand my previous post was a bit confusing.  I have pain in the groin, testicle and pelvic area.  I have been told that the L1 nerves are being irritated.  Specifically the ilioinguinal, genitofemoral and cluneal nerves. I was previously diagnosed with pudendal neuralgia but as my pain is reproducible at the L1 and L2 vertebrae the diagnosis was changed to "thoracolumbar syndrome" which is as you say a chiropractic diagnosis. Some of the pain is believed to be "sympathetically mediated".

The nerves have become sensitized to the point that when someone palpates the area of the nerves it sends referred pain that is identical to my symptoms.

I have started running and weight lifting again for the first time in 18 months and am journaling but I would not say I have completely accepted the diagnosis.  I am trying though and would very much like for this to be tms.

I guess my only hangup is the sensitivity of the nerves to palpation but as you say this really isn't any different than someone with a sciatica diagnosis. 

In your experience have you seen nerves become this sensitized due to the tms process?

Running does not make my pain worse.  In fact it seems to help.  It would seem to me that a mechanical issue would get worse with physical activity right?

Although my pain is constant, it is definitely made worse when I am feeling down.  I am never pain free but it is much more tolerable if I am in a good place mentally.  Seeing as I have exhausted all conventional medicine has to offer I don't know why I am unable to make the leap into believing completely that this is tms.  I suppose it is natural to have doubts.  Thank you for being such an excellent resource.