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Focus, or One thing at a Time

Focus, or One thing at a Time

by Barbara Kessler -
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Hi, I've been away from the program for many months.  I 'm enthusiastically starting over.  When I hit a really rough patch, several other options became more doable.  So, after getting thoroughly lost amidst trying too many things, and not successfully, my ADD brain finally figured out that I needed to focus on one course at a time--so, I'm starting over.


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Re: Focus, or One thing at a Time

by Toni Williams -
Wow!!! I know exactly what you mean. I do the same thing. My brain keeps fooling me into believing that there is something other program that will get me better faster. So I start looking around and then I feel overwhelmed and realize I just need to stay on track with the program. I have a feeling my inner child is just running the show - saying ah, this is too time consuming, let's move on to something easier.