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MBS & Tinnitus

MBS & Tinnitus

by Robert Morrison -
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Hi, I haven't posted on here for a few years. Using Howard's course around four years ago, I eventually managed to put a stop the awful onsets of sciatica -  still have very minor episodes now and again when I get a bit stressed, but they are no problem.  But in the past couple of months my very mild, hardly noticeable, tinnitus has become quite loud and is really worrying me.  At least sciatica attacks do pass over a couple of weeks, but this tinnitus is there from waking and makes getting to sleep a real problem some nights.  So I haven't read anywhere on this site about tinnitus, but as the medical profession seem at lost as to how to deal with it, I'm wondering if this tinnitus is also MBS. Doctor couldn't find anything wrong with my ears, apart from the fact that my hearing is a bit borderline in cafes, crowds, etc., But I am 70, so that's to be expected.  Anyone have any info on tinnitus or ideas? 

Thanks in advance, Robert            

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Re: MBS & Tinnitus

by Cheryl H -

Hi Robert,

I am not an expert but from everything I've read, which is a lot, tinnitus can most definitely be TMS.  Check this out:

That being said, I get tinnitus when I take acetaminophen, so sometimes it can be medications.



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Re: MBS & Tinnitus

by Robert Morrison -

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for the link - just what I needed.  It's a funny business: someone there 'cured' their tinnitus using mindfulness meditation.  I've been doing mindfulness meditation every day for over 40 years, so that doesn't work with me. A recent article by Howard also goes into this.  So back to Week One of the course for me.

Best wishes,