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Having ups and downs

Re: Having ups and downs

by Phrog H. -
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Dealing with the ups is easy, because then your brain is not busy trying to tell you to focus on the pain as a diversion.   I know it sounds simplistic, but when you are in the "down" side of things, you need to try to distract your brain from putting up the diversion.  The only way I have found to do this (and I have had too a few times over the past 30 years )  is to give your brain something else to do.   Only you can find what that thing is.  For me it has always been to think and act outwardly.  Find a project or activity that you can immerse yourself in.  It may be something physical that tends to bring on the pain, but don't let that stop you, especially if the activity itself doesn't offer you the luxury of constantly taking your own pain pulse.   I have always found that if I immerse myself in other things, the brain trains itself out of the  pain cycle.  Just my opinion.