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by L F -
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I thought I would share a part of my journey with TMS here, as it might bring up some discussion.  I have actively been working to manage my symptoms (daily headache, upper back pain) for the past 18 months.  I see a chronic pain specialist who has put me on a number of medications, some I take daily, some as needed.  I have also been using ice packs for my head and a heating pad for my back.

I see a TMS psychologist weekly via Skype.  Last week, I voiced my concern that the meds. could be delaying my recovery.  We discussed the notion that as long as I was taking them, and using other pain relieving devices (ice packs), part of me still believed the pain is structural. I am straddling a very uncomfortable fence.  I am convinced that I am dependent on some of the meds as I have been taking them for years.  So, rather than go cold turkey, I am slowly weaning myself off them.

As of one week, I have reduced my med use by 30%, simply by telling myself the pain is TMS.  I will delay taking a headache pill for 1/2 hour, which may turn into an hour or two.  I have been looking for any information about how best to accomplish this goal: Manage my TMS and wean off the meds.  Have I overlooked an article or forum thread on this?

Any input is welcome!


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Re: TMS and MEDS

by Richard Rick -

I have exact concerns, my pain drug being Suboxone, which helped me get off hard core opiates needed for chronic back pain.  Now I'm tapering myself off but the back pain is horrible when I take each step down.  Now I am stuck!  Entirely too much pain!!

SO, TMS or Suboxone addiction  detox/withdrawal  priority??  They effect one another I know, but which should be best protocol? Stuck!!  Need help!!


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Re: TMS and MEDS

by Bob F. -


This may be a day late and a dollar short....

As to which process to focus on, I did both at the same time; I was committed to drug withdrawal when I happened upon the TMS/MBS diagnosis and decided to proceed with both processes.I felt that was the only way.

I learned that there are two (at times overlapping) diagnoses associated with long term (greater than three months) use of prescription narcotics; physical dependency, which is self explanatory, and addiction, which involves drug seeking.

One can have a very difficult time withdrawing from prescription narcotics, even when taken as prescribed, without exhibiting the signs/symptoms of addiction, which was my experience.

I found the following website helpful, even though I had developed physical dependency without addiction:

There is also good information on the US's NIH, and the UK's NHS websites.

I can't say I am completely free of TMS/MBS symptoms, but I can say that I have been free of alcohol for two years and pain meds, both prescription (opiates and benzodiazepines) and OTC, for a year and a half. 

I am back to full physical activity (except mountain biking, but that has to do more with my wife's displeasure and my own fear of injury. I'm 65).

Hope this helps,


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Re: TMS and MEDS

by Cheryl H -

Happy for you Bob! 

But what does one do if pain meds are the only thing that can take away horrible pain and make it possible to get out of bed once in a while?