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feeling stronger every day!

feeling stronger every day!

by Dianna Cunningham -
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Today I had a bit more success in that I was able to walk two miles. I have only been walking a half a mile each day and mostly had pain while doing it. I was successful one time getting the pain to leave at least for a while. Today I talked to the pain each step of the way. I am sure my neighbors think I am nuts but i was able to beat it down once again. I was able to walk the second mile pain free. It was awesome. The pain came back later but each victory is convincing me more and more that I possibly can win. So if I can win all of us can win as well. Thanks Tim! I am getting it. I apologize if this post gets posted twice. I have had problems getting this posted using my tablet.

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Re: feeling stronger every day!

by Tim Hutton -

Hi Dianna!

That is the best news ever! 

That kind of success is the only kind of success that I have ever experienced and like you stated, it adds up and at one point or another one is free from TMS.

When you share your successes like you are doing, it helps us all very much. Even if we are free from TMS symptomology, it is still strengthening, validating and confirming to feel the joy that comes across when one of us makes and shares a breakthrough. So in a very meaningful and significant way, you are breaking through for all of us. 

Thank you very, very much for your thoughtful, kind and open sharing!