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Left side pain

Left side pain

by Loretta Matic -
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I have been having pain constant  in the ankle, knee, hip, SI joint, shoulder, neck and middle finger just on my left side.  The knee and hip will really ache at night waking me up. Along  with that, all the muscles on the left side are markedly more tender to touch. 

If it is TMS,  then it is a new pattern. Of course, I am wondering if it is neurological  since it is just the left side.  If you have any insight, I would love to hear it. 

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Re: Left side pain

by Star Ship -

I've experienced that too. It's very common for TMS to attack one side. (From top to bottom, or sometimes just the lower or upper half.) Oftentimes it will switch off in the course of recovery once you've ceased to worry about the symptoms of whatever side.  But it's good if the pain is moving around.  Means your mindbody is looking for new ways to scare you since you've recovered from the old ones.