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Allergies anyone?

Allergies anyone?

by William Fowler -
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Has anyone had any experience with allergies that were another variant of TMS?  Any success with dealing with it?

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Re: Allergies anyone?

by Alicia Batson -

I had many "food sensitivites" which I ultimately resolved with this program. I would get bloating, constipation, fatigue after certain foods. At one point, I was worried I was allergic to eggs, but I found myself in a situation in which that was all I had to eat, so I ate a boiled egg - this resulted in immediate sneezing incessantly, watery and itchy eyes, tons of mucous coming from my nose. I had eaten eggs all my life and was just convinced that this was MBS - as soon as I started laughing at myself, all the symptoms went away and have never returned. I eat eggs almost daily now without any problems at all.