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Gut Issues

Gut Issues

by Wendy Jo Joy -
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Good Evening,

I took this course several years ago and received much victory to which I am so thankful.

Recently, I have had quite a 'setback' with gastrointestinal issues... bloating, spasming, heartburn, and improper digestion. 

I find myself wondering: is this MBS or should I do something like go on the GAPS diet? Is there a time to go on the GAPS diet? I feel overwhelmed at the thought! However, I am having trouble deciphering if this is MBS or not.

I appreciate your insight.

Thank you,


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Re: Gut Issues

by William Fowler -

Hey Wendy Jo

i think this is definitely another psychosomatic manifestation.  I had back problems that were so debilitating, I was about to file for disability with social security when someone gave me Dr. Sarno's book "Healing Back Pain".  Within 6 weeks I was pain free, but started having anxiety attacks.  I dealt with those and they went away, but then IBS popped up.  Eventually I had to take anti-anxiety medication, but it kept everything in check. That's my story - hope it helps. Bottom line for me, is that almost anything that pops up with me (including allergies) seem to be psychosomatic.  It should be encouraging to know that.

Let me know if I can do anything to help!


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Re: Gut Issues

by Wendy Jo Joy -

Hi Bill,
Thank you so much for responding to me about my struggle. I sent you a reply but I think I sent it to the wrong place so I will reply here too just to make sure you receive this!

Soon after I wrote to the forum the symptoms moved from my gut to my bladder then back to my gut. The symptoms keep jumping from one to the other so I know I am battling MBS.

Thank you for your encouragement, Bill, I sure needed it.