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The only way to get better- and it has nothing to do with emotions

The only way to get better- and it has nothing to do with emotions

by Roni Schneider -
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Quick story. I'm 22. I've suffered all the TMS just like everyone here. Let me tell you the pain is remembered in your brain but the key to getting better is not thorugh letting out emotions. I tried that - it doesn't work. I don't know why so many people claims it works but I have a reason why. But the point is I dropped out of college to experiment and find out how to cure ourselves of pain. I also want to point out I've visited Schubiner. Anyways the key to getting better involves muscle actions and shaking. Most of you when you found out about TMS started to shake and it felt good and thus solidified ur belief in TMS as it did me. So I finally got on the idea that the muscles shaking and popping is the key to getting better. There are a lot of ways to get your body and muscles to shake and pop. You can go lift weights. Do 1 rep with a heavy weight then relax. ur body will pop and relax and shake on its own. The very best way is to hold a single muscle as hard you can for as long as you can until your body can't take it anymore. Ur body will shake on and off as you hold it. At some point it will stop shaking. Then you just relax and ur body will start to shake and spasm on its own. For me I had to only hold it like a half hr as hard as you can. But that was after I've already done a lot of other methods to get my body react. Anyways any other idea t oget better simply doesn't work. I also want to point out that it isn't one part of your body or nerve system that's messed up. It's all. if you focus on any part of ur body it can feel bad unless your healthy. But I get it I had a couple symptoms that I considered the worst. Good luck to all. Now that I've done that muscle thing my body has been shaking for 5 days straight. ITs getting better every second. And don't worry u can still function while a part of your body is shaking. Now I gotta get my family off my back as they all think I'm nuts. I will correspond with anyone at MAybe I can make some money off it. I had to move home. Now I'm trying to make enough money so I can move out. MY family thinks I'm a con artist. good luck

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Re: The only way to get better- and it has nothing to do with emotions

by Jane Lengyel -


Hello my name is Jane and I am intrigued by your solution to stopping TMS.  I am really not familiar with the concept of shaking or popping. Is that in Schubiner's workbook or in someone else's or just yours?  In one video put out by Dr. Schecter one of the patients said when she commands her blood to circulate better and release oxygen into muscles she starts to shake and that solves her problem.   I don't think that is what you are saying.

I have some type of fibro.  Not only do I get neck and back pain, I get little spasms in my head/face muscles (thank God no one can see them) and in my abdomen.  It is not fun.  Sometimes I get breaks from it but often not.  All the pains move around.  As you say it's the entire nervous system that is messed up and just "chooses"  different targets and pain syndromes.  In the past I had terrible IC.

If you are still researching this topic would love to get more thoughts on what you advise.  What did Dr. Schubiner think of your idea?   I hope you do write a book!


Thank you!


 p..s  By the way do you continue to make progress!!!???