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by Luciana Morais -
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I signed up for this course about a week or so ago, and have just now decided to post my introduction....

My name is Luciana Morais, I'm a 32 year old Web Analyst for the department of Health and Human Services.  I sit down quite a lot!

About 2 months ago (give or take) I woke up with a sore back. I remember that the night before was particularly emotionally stressful. I had what I call a "minor breakdown" and the next morning I felt sore across my entire lower back.  I then sat down at the kitchen table and reached for my laptop - I felt my lower right back snap and agonizing pain followed. By the next morning I couldn't walk.

After two weeks I started to feel better and returned to work. However work was stressfull - I was under threat of being let go because of my absenses, and people in the office were sabotaging my employment (petty office crap). By the end of those two relatively painless week I was back where I started and bed ridden again.

I knew then that it was all stress related.  Being bed ridden had its perks  - for one I was forced to re-think my life and how I got there. In the process I realized that I haven't been well for 3 years! I traced all the health issues I have been dealing with that seemed to crop up at the age of 29 and snow ball when I turned 30. I realized I never felt good about turning 30.

In about 2 days I was feeling better, still in a lot of pain but able to walk, drive and sit for short periods of time. I quit my job and therefore got rid of that stress. Luckily I was able to get another one right away. I asked my recruiter for a month to recover and explained my situation - it was approved.

In the meantime I have been taking my mental health seriously. A lot of unresolved stress over so many years popped up.  In the process I came across Dr. Sarno's book and then this site. I have also been attending psychotherapy sessions, and have been reading Louise Hay's affirmations daily (a great help). My goal is to become a more positive person.

In the meantime I am here!

Wish everyone a FAST recovery!