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Wrist pain - is it TMS?

Wrist pain - is it TMS?

by Anna Hoffmannová -
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Hi, I am a 21 years old woman. I have given birth to a girl three months ago. The pregnancy was unexpected but baby was planned by both me and my partner in the future. I did not take the pregnancy well, I got my first panic attack and I was unable to leave my bed for weeks. I cannot take care of my daughter so my mom is with her during week days and me and my partner take her for weekends. I got my pain in September last year while pregnant. It was just after I got much worse psychically. It got better while I was in hospital for a week to get back on meds (antidepressants) and came back with full force the first weekend I came back home. It sometimes got better and sometimes worse, it disappeared completely in two weeks after giving birth for like two days but came back and it did not get better until I read Dr. Sarno's book a week ago. Yesterday I went climbing - it was completely okay physically but some man was pretty mean to me cause I made some mistakes and I took it very personally. The pain was almost gone but came back during night. Now I am worried that it is indeed something physical and I hurt myself.

I also have tendonitis in both of my ankles - they are good today,, pain started postpartum before I went for a hiking trip.

My blood test are really good - no inflamation there, no rheumatic problem either. I have no problem moving (except some pain), no swelling. Painkillers and physiotherapy didn't help, my psychiatrist believes is psychosomatic and my neurologist thinks there is at least some link between my psychological and body state.

Should I continue treating my problems as psychosomatic?


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Re: Wrist pain - is it TMS?

by Howard Schubiner -

Yes, this is a classic story for TMS. When the pain comes and goes like that, it is obviously TMS and nothing else. This is easy to diagnose. 

Now you have to know for 100% that there is nothing wrong with your wrists and get back to using them normally without fear. You can do it!!

Best, Howard