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Shaking, jitters, restlessness

Shaking, jitters, restlessness

by lauren ms -
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My 6 months(ish) of jaw tension is finally settling. And 3 pm two days ago was replaced with restlessness and shaking/weakness in my arms and legs. The rational part of myself knows this is just another symptom imperative. However my little hyped up nervous system is very freaked out by this as it has been disrupted my days a bit. Any encouragement would be so welcome!


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Re: Shaking, jitters, restlessness

by Howard Schubiner -

Of course this is TMS. What else? 

I find that it's best to just expect this kind of thing from time to time. Your brain is just testing you; and it will do that; often with new and different symptoms over time.

You'll be fine; don't worry!!

Best, Howard