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TMJ and more frequent headaches

Re: TMJ and more frequent headaches

by Greg Shaw -
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I am new to this site but definitely not new to TMS. I have been amazed over the last 8 plus months how so much of my suffering has been a result of TMS. However, just like many others that are aware of TMS it is often challenging to accept when it is a symptom we're suffering on our own.

I don't know about others but where I struggle the most is when something either bothers me to the point it is controlling my life or it could be related to a serious health condition. ie, headaches in this case

Within the last week I have been dealing with a very severe sharp pain in the right side of my head. This will usually last a matter of seconds. The first time was a few days ago and the second time just recently. In between these days I have experience mild head pain(like headaches) that at times could be other areas of my head.

I am someone who walks like 2 plus hours a day with a knapsack on my back, and at times could have 30 plus pounds in my knapsack.  I want to believe this is TMS maybe started by the pressure of the straps of my knapsack on my neck. Then the more I have focused on it the worse it is bothering me.

Does this sound reasonable?

I can say my neck a times feels tight but when I am doing something I enjoy then all or most symptoms are not present.

Is it possible events I am mentioning could be creating this really sharp pain in my right temple area?

Thank you.