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Spontaneous dizziness w/ other symptoms

Spontaneous dizziness w/ other symptoms

by J C -
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I am having weird spontaneous dizziness that happens whether I'm sitting or laying still, and even when I'm walking. Doesn't discriminate between moving and not moving positions. It started gradually happening once every couple of weeks, only lasting 1 or 2 seconds of a hard wave of dizziness, well that's amped up more last month. These past couple of weeks it's amped up to the max. These dizzy-like spells starting occurring for 2-5 minutes. And the last couple of days has just been 2 second spells, but happening every 30 seconds or so. Now the extra symptoms are very mild. When the dizziness occurs, I get slight blurred vision, some difficulty concentrating, and during the 2-5 minute spells there is general-like twitching. I can't figure it out. I already went to the ER, CT scan of head was clear as well as all the other tests. My doctor thinks it's stress, but is doing an EEG to be sure. Does anyone have any experience with these types of symptoms? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Spontaneous dizziness w/ other symptoms

by Howard Schubiner -

Thanks for writing, JC. 

Yes, this is common. i see this all the time. The other day, I saw a woman who was having dizziness on alternate days; so when symptoms like that turn on and turn off, just like yours did, that is clear evidence that it's MBS!!

You don't need to worry about it. This is all MBS. You just need to focus less on these symptoms; put them into the background; gradually make yourself less worried and concerned.

They will eventually go away!!

Best, Howard