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Can happiness trigger TMS? Please read all of it.

Can happiness trigger TMS? Please read all of it.

by Kenneth Grym -
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I really hope someone can give me the answers I need to go ahead.

I’m from Sweden and I hope you understand my English, it isn´t the best.

I start from the beginning of my TMS.

A year ago, I got acute pain in my back. It happened when I bent down to pick up a screwdriver and it felt like someone stich a knife at my left side in my lower back for a second. After a couple of ours my back was so stiff I couldn’t bend or hardly walk. I was bedridden for two days with massive pain. I thought it was a herniated disc that causes the problem and was also told by my doctor to rest, I also got some strong painkillers so I could “sleep and get better”. I was getting better after a week but the pain was still there, I was very afraid to move, bend and lift things. I was told to stand up at work and also got a training program from my chiropractor. My chiropractor also told me that my left leg was 2 centimeters shorter than my right leg, and that the leg was cause my back pain.

I also need to tell that I have been weightlifting for more than 10 years and it is one of my biggest interest. So, I also got depressed when I couldn´t do my training. I tried to train very easy and also did my homework from my chiropractor with some training, but I was scared and the pain got worse after each exercise.

After 4 month of back pain I contacted my doctor again and got an MRI. The answer was: Nothing is wrong! No herniated disc or anything. But – my pain was there and it was real! It felt that people around me thought I was imagine everything. And I started to think so too, sometimes. After 6 month of pain I started to look after other possibilities and found out about TMS. I read the book “healing your back pain” by John Sarno. After a week I was feeling better, I got out and did stuff that I was afraid of; bending, lifting things, skiing, got to the gym. After a couple of weeks my pain was all gone! I really believed in this because it worked! I read a book and my pain was gone! 

But… a couple of weeks ago I started to feel some pain in my back and hips again. I tried to figure out if I was depressed, sad, angry or stressed. I read “The mindbody Prescription” by John E. Sarno, because knowledge about TMS is one of the keys to heal. I also started the “Mind Body educational program” by Howard Schubiner, two weeks ago. I have started the week one “write away“-process but not completed it yet. My pain started to fade away and I kept on my weightlifting and skiing without any problems (some pain, but I tried to ignore).

Now to the reason why I write this post;

Three days ago I participated in a lottery at a skiing competition and I won a car! I know, it sounds crazy and it is! Can’t hardly believe it, but it’s true. J

I don’t think I have felt that acute luck at any time and it really was from one minute to another. Me, my girlfriend, family and friends was celebrating and having fun. Next morning I woke up with massive pain in my lower back. I couldn’t get up from bed without help, my back was stiff and I couldn´t bend. Just like the time when my problems started a year ago. But now it happened in bed. In this moment I’m sitting here with severe back pain and can’t understand why!

Were I to happy?! Can happiness be a trigger for TMS? Or is it because I felt sorry for the others who didn´t won the car? I can’t find out. One more thing: The night we were out to celebrate, I meet a man that said mean stuff about my father (who past away 20 years ago). I felt huge anger, wanted to punch him in the face but of course I didn´t. I just ignored him. Can that be the trigger to my pain? I need help to find out, because I begin to doubt that TMS is the problem… 


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Re: Can happiness trigger TMS? Please read all of it.

by Dianna Cunningham -

Congratulations on starting the program! I read your whole story and I believe that the anger you felt toward the guy that said mean things to you might be the culprit of your pain!

I’ve been on the tms journey for many years now with lots of ups and downs. I remember once doing really well and having very little pain and then having a fight with my sister who was making fun of my pain. My back froze up and I could barely move the next day. I wanted to literally punch her lights out but I let it go. But my brain did not.

A lot of times anger and rage can start the pain process and the reason is it activates the response in your brain. The brain fires up those pathways and it tenses up the body and you have pain! That’s my guess and let’s see what others have to say. I just know for me, anger and fear are my triggers.

Good luck to you!

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Re: Can happiness trigger TMS? Please read all of it.

by Howard Schubiner -

Hi Kenneth.

Thanks for writing!

Your story is quite amazing. I agree with Diana that it's most likely that the anger you felt toward the man who spoke about your father is the most likely cause. 

Is there any particular stress due to winning the car? Are there large taxes to be paid? That could play a role. And sometimes our brains can confuse excitement with fear, since they are quite similar in many ways.

In any case, I suggest that you do some writing about these issues. Allow yourself to be angry at the person and then let it go. Imagine punching him in the face and then walking away. Then take deep breaths and let all of the anger go. Breathe in peace and breathe in compassion for yourself and your father.

Know that whatever the cause (and we often really don't know what triggers TMS), this is definitely TMS and you will be fine. TMS occurs; it happens to me too, even though I teach others how to recover from it.

Does this help?

Best, Howard