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Don't understand the directions

Re: Don't understand the directions

by Lori Ewert -
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Hi Dr Schubiner,

Oh I would never expect you to refund my money, however I really, really do wish I had of ordered the book instead. I somehow think it would have been the better option for me. I do not know why I am having such a hard time following the course. But I know I have TMS, I do believe I can and will be healed from your process, I just think I could have followed the book easier. I don’t want to give up on this, because I know I can’t continue to live like I am, and your theory just makes sense. It was just one of a few bad decisions I have made recently and I am probably stressing about that. Lol. ( I mean buying the program instead of the book). I have been doing many  affirmations daily, but admit I was feeling a bit stressed about following the program properly and have not been at it for about five days. But I owe myself to be better and won’t give up.  Thank you.