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In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

Re: In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

by Howard Schubiner -
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Yes, this is a common issue. Fear is the problem; not the pain actually.

It's fear of pain that drives pain. So, now you are directly feeling that fear. That is good. Allow yourself to feel that fear, see if you can localize it in your body; observe it; watch it; see what it does; how it shifts or moves; or tries to overtake you. Separate from it. Know that it is your brain just trying to scare you. It can't hurt you at all. It's just a feeling; it's not really anything wrong or anything dangerous; just a feeling.

Listen to the meditation on my website called Mindful Awareness Exercise, which talks you through this process.

You're not trying to get rid of the fear! Don't make it your enemy. It is there to protect you and help you. Right now, it is just not needed to be so strong. You can sit with it and focus on it and then on your breath and then back to the fear sensations; see how they shift or change; get better or worse. Remember it just doesn't matter if they do get better or worse; you're just watching and observing.

All of these sensations will pass. You are fine. Be patient; be kind.

Best, Howard