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In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

by Timothy Zaborowski -
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I have been in the program 3 weeks. I have followed it completely and I have read all Dr. Sarno’s books . I have had some better days until today. I could feel the pain being more and more distracting . This evening I was not able to get up out of a chair and in the severe pain when I get the spasm . I instantly get the fear of what to do. Scared to sit or get in bed , but needed to get I to bed . Afraid to turn over for the severe pain. What do I do now ? I tried talking myself through the pain but with the frustration and fear I am not sure what to read or listen too to help through this . Any help or thoughts are appreciated . How do you deal with the fear of the pain ? 

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Re: In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

by Dianna Cunningham -

So Timothy a lot of people  might tell you to try to ignore the pain and it will go away and that never worked for me.  I learned a technique called pendulation.  So do some deep breathing and find a spot in your body that isn't in pain even if it's your little finger or your elbow.  Concentrate on that spot and feel safe in that spot because it's not in pain.  Feel a comfort in that spot.  Then breath into that spot and send that comfort into the area that is painful.  Keep doing deep breathing and acknowledge that pain but say to yourself that "it's okay, I'm breathing and sending you comfort."  just keep noticing areas without pain.  This will calm the nervous system down and get yourself out of fear somewhat. Once you can get yourself to be a little less fearful, it will help a lot.  It really takes practice and time. Keep concentrating on the areas that aren't in pain.

I also just surround myself with love and compassion and I send it to all areas of the body.  That also calms the nervous system as well.  

You got this!  Don't worry, and don't be fearful.  Your subconscious mind is scaring you as a distraction.  The less fear you feel even though the pain is bad, the better off you'll be.

We're all here for you because we've all been there a thousand times over!

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Re: In spasm - how or what to do for fear of the pain..

by Howard Schubiner -

That's a beautiful response, Dianna.

It allows for noting the pain in a new way, rather than just trying to ignore it.

Thanks so much!!

Best, Howard.