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Question about write away exercises

Question about write away exercises

by Lori Ewert -
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Yes, I am just starting this. It says it is for week one, there is 16 pages. But it seems to say day one on all of them. So I am a bit confused as to how much of these 16 pages of exercises I am suppose  to do on day one, or all of them? How many per day? Or it it a matter of as long as I complete them all in week one and go on my own pace?  Thanks for any help here. Because my problem is my tailbone, the amount of pain I have while sitting and doing this is extremely high, high enough that I worry I am not being able to focus as much as I should be. 

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Re: Question about write away exercises

by Howard Schubiner -

There is a lot of material, I know. But you're right, going at your own pace is most important.

You should only do what you can at any one time!!

Just remember to be kind to yourself through this process!!

Best, Howard