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Re: too much pain to do program?

by Howard Schubiner -
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Yes, it's so frustrating when there is so much pain!!

But others have done this; you can too.

Whenever your brain feels in any kind of danger, it will tend to ramp up pain. When you sit, your brain is telling you that sitting is "dangerous."

When you start to do this program, your brain is doing the same thing.

But these activities are NOT dangerous; and this is the goal to reassure your brain of this. As you gently go forward, just a little bit at a time, you can tell your brain that you're just going to sit for one minute now; and that it's fine; there is nothing physically wrong at all! And just breathe with that; just simply trying to reduce fear. You're not trying to get rid of pain. That is not the goal! You can't control your brain that way; but you can control how much fear you have about sitting for one minute.

As you gently soothe your scared brain, it will respond.

Does that help?

Best, Howard